Every song on Ages signals that widescreen ambition, imagination in sound and spirit, a remarkably generous record that absorbs the symbologies of American pop production and the iconographies of American rock performance with tremendous depth and feeling. It is a singular animal, a bona fide party record that is able to convey a mood of bittersweet elation through a series of well-aimed emotional arcs. Good times and goodwill to all. Each track feels like the title song to some lost Hollywood production of the late 70s to late 80s, those formative movies that shaped young imaginations, touchstones of humor, struggle, romance and adventure. Sleepwalkers delivers a parallel aural experience through fourteen electrifying tracks, shifting narratives populated by heroes and villains, lost love and love found, neon landscapes and windswept skyscrapers. The follow-up to Sleepwalkers’ ‘60s fanstasia, cult-favorite debut, Greenwood Shade (2014) Ages feels equally effortless, backed by the band’s facility with the structures and language of pop music. These specific references, from Whitney Houston to Thin Lizzy, come so furiously fast and from so many different angles – production, singing, writing, arrangement, engineering – that the songs are never weighed down or overshadowed by their inspirations. An aesthetic based primarily on exhilaration. - Andy Jenkins



“…each track on Ages evokes a sense of old-age nostalgia based in catchy melodies and pop production.” – Paste

“A pop record at its core, Ages wouldn’t be complete without fuzzed-out melodies and lush instrumentation that allows for plenty of repeat listens without ever failing to capture the listener’s attention.” – RVA Magazine

the power-pop masterpiece we deserve just when we need it the most. Get ready to experience a record that surprises at every turn … instant classic.” – Chunky Glasses

“Sleepwalkers’s music is a guaranteed prescription for joyful hope” – Blurred Culture

a sound that calls to mind the music of decades long gone — thanks to their use of vocal harmonies and lush orchestration — the group seamlessly blends eras and genres into a style all their own.” – Rock Cellar

“tunes unfold like a birthday card, splashes of effervescent sentiment, bright-colored reverence and warm supportive details” – Maximum Ink

“fun, addictive and upfront. This is quite the introduction”– Podcart

“lovable”– Last Day Deaf

“In short, it’s music that makes me like music more.” – You Hear That

”a fine and refreshing blend of old-school melodies and contemporary touches creating something amazing.” – Wolf In A Suit

ON greenwood shade

“ Greenwood Shade is an album that plays out much like those rare times when the radio plays all your favorite songs back to back.” - The Wild Honey Pie

“The production is richer than chocolate cake, with a miles-deep rhythm section, creamy piano, and airtight, passionate harmonies.” - Charleston City Paper

“Combines the sarcasm of Vampire Weekend with the more accessibly baroque style of the mid-career Beatles, and occasionally leaning towards the atmospheric a-la-Real Estate. It’s instantly catchy and carefully produced.” - 9:30 Club

“Ephemeral, dream-like sonic qualities contain respectful nods to the sixties and seventies while adding a contemporary spin that doesn’t feel out of place.” - RVA Magazine

"They're probably my favorite band right now" - J Roddy Walston